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's the 1st of november, but a huge tax hit is being taken out of that in the state of california. some people say, oh, poor kobe, but maybe that would make him want to play for the rockets -- [laughter] >> more and more i think athletes are considering this, you know? the money they're making now you say, okay, maybe it's not as bad. we know up until recently athletes, you know, have gone broke or really said, golly, have to find a new job or career, but almost 40% federal, 3.78% for medicare and 13.3% california. so 56.7% of his income going to taxes, and it's an environment of paying your fair share, you know? i don't know how much of the public services out in california he's using. i just don't think it's that much. i don't think it's $14 million worth. connell: not exactly a sympathetic figure, but we get your point. >> that's the whole thing. no one's sympathetic except when it starts to trickle down. ofof course, in france they're starting to talk about not even having a soccer season this year. connell: 75%, incomes over a million euro? >> yeah. 75%. and so now the owners -- da
, the latest from the belt way just said. >> looking to with to bring in tax revenue but judge andrew napolitano says it is an invasion of privacy and it could change life as we know it. lori: looking at the business of helsinki and the still showing no sign of slowing down and you won't believe how much we expending on costumes for our heads. actually i would. adam: you would? when a and guilty as charged. adam: the dow is positive. >> at the halloween. the dow is down 9 points. we have the nasdaq and the person the in the green on this final day of a great month of october. the broader market 4% this month. we will take it. you with a nearly year there is concern that the fed won't be as inclined to keep the stimulus coming as long as we are hoping. release solid midwest manufacturing number is bolstering that belief, the dollar up, commodities down and that is where we are trading today, stock has been all over the mack in after-hours after the earnings report, stock as much as 18% and when it opened this morning was down 5%. now you can see a green arrow, there is concern in despi
who pay for it are not consuming it on the margin and that is a huge tax wedge and it will drive it straight down. dagen: the subsidies will be provided before the sick will be subsidized. there are two ways to get paid for it. connell: it was nice to have you today in the studio. >> it was nice to be in the studio. dagen: get your butt up to new york. >> i love it. connell: get the tape. thank you. >> thank you very much. connell: the markets today. slashing some 49,000 jobs due to a slow mortgage business named the top job cu cutter for the mh of october. those are numbers in from the outplacement firm. but what is the risk to other job creators and how will it affect your portfolio? let's talk about that. his investment strategist, the chief trader there in washington, d.c., where all the action seems to be lately. what about these job cuts in the financial sector, what is the effect? >> we should not be surprise at all. this is what has been happening for most companies and for the financials over the last two years. companies are growing earnings without growing revenue so h
of the lie. their insurance is getting canceled, they're losing their doctors, premiums are going up, taxes are going up, deductibles are going up, they are losing work, losing wages, losing hours. that can be directly linked to him and it has already begun, that line he told us to acute and direct paint the america people i think you will see the poll numbers fall even further. dagen: frankly in the speech yesterday he seemed to say you lost your insurance, get over it, by better insurance. the political calculus seems to be this applies to 5% of the population or less. it is negligible. we don't care, get over it. other people will not feel like they were lied to. >> i don't think he cares much, you guys. he's not running for reelection again. connell: you've got to care about health care. that's his thing. >> but he does to the big picture. nationalizing won six of the economy from a socialist point of view, that is what it is all about. he was never that interested in the minutia. connell: this interview has been way too easy for monica. i want to ask one question to make a somewhat unc
penalty will be permitted to claim any tax deduction or tax benefit in connection with this payment. so that is what is in the agreement. often as is the case here in addition to agreeing what is in their agreement it is important to note what is not in theywn agreement. there is no immunity from prosecution for any person as i mentioned. as i said, this agreement does not have any binding effect on any individuals at all charged or uncharged so while the agreement may and the prosecution of the companies with respect to individuals at this hedge fund or countless other financial institutions to buy and sell securities, we will continue to pursue insider-trading investigations and follow the facts wherever they lead an investigation on the criminal side remains ongoing. as i said just about four years ago at the time of our first major insider-trading arrest, grade sometimes is not good, and there are at least 75 convicted insider-trading defendants who today would likely agree, but individual guilt is not the whole of our mission. sometimes institutions needs to be held accountable yet
in my congressional district which i doubt have any homes valued at 700,000 on the county tax roles. >> in last 30 seconds you need cooperation from the senate, legislation out of the senate, the banking committee is looking at this. passed an fha reform bill and need help from the white house. what are the prospects of bipartisan fha reform and gse, fannie, freddie reform? >> relatively speaking i'm more optimistic about those prospects than other prospects. clearly the senate seems to be moving in that direction. the white house indicated they're interested. we passed a bill out of the committee, we hope to get it to the floor soon, in order to be a member of congress you have to be an optimist. >> chairman hensarling, house financial services committee. thanks for joining us. we'll be watching this. lori, adam, we'll stay here a few more minutes and do an additional series of questions for the chairman for five more minutes. post exclusively to the website, look for that on the website a bit later. back to you. lori: peter barnes thanks for bringing us that. adam
. it's all about the pricing. you've got to be competitive. and if they start to tax the internet nationwide -- >> walmart has an apple trade-in program, and best buy has one as well. >> the brick and more garre guys that have hung in there are being handsomely rewarded. dagen: and we just got this alert. hey,, it's down at the moment. [laughter] connell: is it really? dagen: yep. the web site is down. there you go. connell: looking live. dagen: maybe it's part of the fix, right? you've got to break it, you've got to break it again to fix it? >> it's the same story, a brick and mortar story. dagen: we're not making it up. connell: turn off the computer and turn it on again. dagen: that was funny. the number of people signing up, by the way, for health insurance we've gotten some early estimates. does it point to success or failure? will the health care exchange, steve forbes is standing by to talk about it. connell: and red flags on the housing market this morning, we'll talk about that as well. keep it here on "markets now." speaking of markets, some winners on the
: affordability, taxes. that helps. thank you. appreciate it. dennis: new media minute it is time for the killing fields, the big broadcast networks, three weeks into the new tv season contest nbc yesterday killing of a remake of the old ironsides and welcome to the family, an unwelcome rip-off of abc's modern family. this follows the first two shows of the new season, disney abc's lucky 7 which wasn't much the paula and cbs's an underrated we are men. variety says, next casualties, the drama hostages. sean saves the world and abc's the trail sunday night and said, the neighbor on abc. microsoft, google, facebook, the new quote the monster could be ready to kill and surf the internet. announcing the new system to track and harness user data. google's facebook working on schemes of their own. stake of the $150 a year online at business. cookies don't work well on mobile. cheryl: look all the tv shows, they really kind of stock now. dennis: is unfortunate because if you wait longer you might have some luck. cheryl: cookies don't forget cookies. tickets in the big problem, seattle like car rental co
coverage for their employees. but there are now tax credits available for some of the smaller employers who want coverage to come into the marketplace. and for the other businesses hiring 50 or more, there is a standard that says an employee is she or she works 30 hours a week and that really came from a market snapshot from the small business administration of where the employee benefits are based on common the hours of work. and what we know about the economic data is the high point of part-time workers was in 2008 at 2009 at the height of the last recession. it has been decreasing each and every year and there is no data to support the fact that there is an uptick based upon the impending affordable care act. there may be some employers making decisions that i can tell you that there is no economic or employment data that supports the notion that this is not an effective law. >> that's true. and it is my understanding of part-time workers are at their lowest percentage of workers in many years right now part-time workers have never had options in the marketplace they are full-time colleg
that in the tech minute. why more of the country has to pay more tax when ordering online from amazon. ashley: as we do this time of day. look how oil is trading. earlier oil falling below $95. that is the lowest since june 26 by the way. down a buck and a quarter at 95.13. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] the founder of mercedes-benz once wrote something on a sheet of paper and placed it in his factory for all to see. ♪ four simple words where the meaning has never been lost. the challenge always accepted. and the calling forever answered. ♪ introducing the all-new 2014 s-class. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. ♪ nothing, that's what? tt's why i take prilosec otc each morning for my freque heartburn. 'cause it gives me a big fat zero heartburn. woo hoo! [ male announcer ] prilosectc. the number one doctor recommended frequenheartburn medicine for 8 straight years. [ larry ] you can't beat zero heartburn. and best of all, it means i can enjoy all the foods i love. oh, zero heartburn is awesome. just like zero clery. ♪ [ male announcer ] prilosec otc. one pill each morning. 2
will find their insurance covers more and is more affordable after the tax credit than it was in 2013. but there will certainly be large numbers of individuals who will experience a negative change. and that is who we will hear from. adam: we appreciate your insight. he was a director of the messages of exchange so thank you very much. >> sure, my pleasure. nicole: it is a busy day in boston today. presidential visit hours before the red sox host the st. louis cardinals in game six. fox news live in fenway park. molly. >> a very exciting day in the city. there is a bit of a pile on for city leaders, first responders, the police who have to handle all of this. game six of the world series at historic fenway park behind me. the president also a town speaking from the one of the most historic venues in the city as well. and it is halloween eve. now we haven't seen a lot of people in costume today, but we haven't seen too much of the security set up outside of fenway park just yet. they are allowing the cars to get by. all of that will change later on tonight because of this historic ball
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11